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Granite: underneath the surface


Granite is one of the most preferred worksurface materials around, but where does it come from, how is it formed, and what makes it so popular?

granite ukss

Formed over millions of years and thousands of miles below the Earth’s surface as magma cools, granite is a natural, semi-precious rock with a deep-seated history.

Granite is mined in quarries around the world – particularly Brazil, India and China – where the unrefined blocks are cut into slabs of various size and thickness, and shipped across the globe to manufacturers like UKSS.

Once the granite arrives at UKSS, we can get to work. Using the latest CNC machinery, operated by skilled craftsmen with over twenty years of experience and knowledge, we fabricate the unique stone for your bespoke specifications, and to the highest quality!

As a natural stone, there is a countless variety of colours and shades available, which means that no matter what style you’re hoping for, you’ll be able to find a colour that suits your home or project.

Want to add the unique magnificence of granite to your kitchen? Contact UKSS today and see how we can help.

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